The Timberwolves are sensational, but one glaring issue persists

What is there to say about this team?
Oklahoma City Thunder v Minnesota Timberwolves
Oklahoma City Thunder v Minnesota Timberwolves / David Berding/GettyImages

This Wolves team is very good. They're in first place in the Western Conference with half the season to go. They've shut up every naysayer and shattered expectations.

The Wolves have the number one defense, which has led to their success. Individually, Anthony Edwards has played at an All-NBA level, Karl-Anthony Towns is playing like an All-Star, and Rudy is the frontrunner for Defensive Player of the Year. 

They have been spectacular through half of the games. What else is there really to say about this team thus far other than they have a turnover problem? Minnesota ranks 28th in the association in giveaways per game. Led by Edwards, eight players average more than a turnover per contest.

One stat depicts the Timberwolves' need for efficient ball movement. The Wolves are 18-1 when they have 27 assists or more in a game and 11-12 when they don't. When the ball is moving and doesn't get stagnant, they perform better.

There's not much left to say besides "stay healthy," which is the case for just about every team. This is new territory for Wolves fans. It's been quite some time since Minnesota has been taken seriously as a Finals contender. However, this season, it's a real possibility.

Do they make a big trade for Tyus Jones? Are the Wolves giving up Kyle Anderson? Will another team take on Troy Brown Jr. and Shake Milton in a trade? No one will know what President of Basketball Operations Tim Connelly will want to do with this roster. They're in first place right now. Their chest of draft assets doesn't allow the front office to make any significant moves at the moment.

The Wolves have a path to offensive success behind Edwards and Towns. They are the best defensive team and have been all season. It's strange being at the top, but it feels fantastic. Not having to overreact to and discuss every game, even against the worst squads is a weird feeling. 

Are the Wolves truly in play for the number-one seed in the Western Conference? It's a waiting game. But, it's safe to say this iteration of the Timberwolves is perhaps the best version in franchise history.