Ranking Timberwolves' gettable free agent targets by 3-point percentage

Free agent targets Minnesota could pursue ranked by their career marks from beyond the arc.
Naz Reid, Kelly Oubre, Anthony Edwards
Naz Reid, Kelly Oubre, Anthony Edwards / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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4. Kelly Oubre Jr. - 32.7%

The Timberwolves ran into some trouble with Kyle Anderson this past season. The usually steady playmaking wing did not look like his usual self for much of the regular season, and he was virtually unplayable at times. A surprising development given the quality of player Anderson typically is.

But as we would learn during the Western Conference Finals, Kyle was still suffering from lingering effects of his eye surgery that took place last summer for most of the season. What many thought was him regressing as a player was simply the byproduct of a particularly handicapping injury. If Anderson continues to progress and gets back to being the player he once was, Minnesota would likely love to have him around.

On the flip side, in the event Kyle's eyesight continues to suffer, the Wolves may want to look into a replacement. Kelly Oubre would be a fantastic option for the type of offensive firepower he brings to the table. While not the most efficient jump-shooter in the league, Oubre has the ability to catch fire. With the scoring lapses Minnesota endured during the 2024 playoffs, having a heat check type of player could be valuable in the postseason.

The best part is that Kelly should be available for cheap after playing on a one-year, $2.8 million minimum deal with Philadelphia this past season.