Timberwolves' most glaring need after first wave of free agency

With the first phase of free agency behind us, Minnesota has one roster need that stands out among the rest.
Mike Conley, Anthony Edwards
Mike Conley, Anthony Edwards / David Berding/GettyImages

The NBA Draft is behind us, and now the first wave of the free agency period has passed as well. Over the last two weeks, the Minnesota Timberwolves took some big steps toward improving their roster and preparing to run it back in 2024-25.

Of course, they did not nail every single move, but that is also not completely their fault. Losing Kyle Anderson was a direct product of Minnesota's financial situation, and they knew that paying him a considerable multi-year deal would only compound their problems.

Incurring the loss of one of their top bench players departing, the Timberwolves went right out and got a replacement in Joe Ingles. While he employs a different play style than Anderson, Ingles will be able to help fill what would have been a massive roster hole.

From there, the team will rely on their new draftees as well as other young talent already in the locker room to supplant player departures and give them a shot at a championship next season. Minnesota was intentional in pursuing league-ready players on draft night, but they still have one crucial need at this point in the offseason: another backup point guard.

The Timberwolves need another backup point guard

Last year, the Wolves invested in Shake Milton prior to the start of the season, which ultimately ended up as a failed experiment. They traded Milton and tried replacing him with Monte Morris at the deadline, who did not end up being much better.

Now, Morris has departed for Phoenix. Further down the bench was Jordan McLaughlin, who has now signed with the Kings. Minnesota is left without a real option for a backup point guard, unless you consider Rob Dillingham.

A fantastic prospect, Dillingham will have the potential to provide a spark and be a game-changer for the Timberwolves right away. But knowing Chris Finch and how he likes to lean on veterans, it feels likely that the team will still go after a backup point guard if one they find appealing is available at the right price.

In the year and a half he has been in Minnesota, Mike Conley has produced at a fantastic level. It would be a shame not to get him a serviceable backup that can run the show effectively when Mike needs to take a rest on the bench.

Most of the big-name point guards have already signed in free agency. The Timberwolves would do best to seek out a reliable and experienced option they can sign for the minimum. Doing so will give them much-needed depth and allow Finch the option of running a deeper rotation throughout the regular season next year.