Timberwolves' Rudy Gobert makes NBA history books vs. Hornets

Minnesota Timberwolves v Charlotte Hornets
Minnesota Timberwolves v Charlotte Hornets / Matt Kelley/GettyImages

The Minnesota Timberwolves found a new way to win on Saturday afternoon with two of their starters out. With no Anthony Edwards and Jaden McDaniels, the Wolves got their bigs involved. Karl-Anthony Towns scored 28, Gobert scored 26, and Reid scored 23.

Gobert is the one that stood out the most. He has been amazing defensively this year and may be up for another Defensive Player of the Year Award at the end of the year. However, his offense was just as big. He scored at the rim and made his presence known in the paint.

That's exactly what they needed of Gobert, too. But the game he ended up having was one good enough for the history books. It's not going to get talked about a ton because it's not a huge statistic or record, but Gobert certainly deserves some praise.

Here is what Justin Kubatko tweeted about Gobert's huge night and how he moved up the record books in one specific area:

"It's the 200th time Gobert has recorded a double-double with an FG percentage of at least 70%, the second-most such games in NBA history (Dwight Howard, 202)."

Dwight Howard is one of the best centers ever in his prime. He was one of the first pioneers of shooting 70% from the field, at least in the modern era. So, that is a great company for Gobert to be in.

Gobert is having a stellar year, and his game on Saturday was just a piece of how huge he has been for this Minnesota Timberwolves team. They are not 15-4 without Gobert.

It's very possible we could see Gobert pass Howard in that category or statistic this year. He is averaging a double-double this year and is averaging 60% from the field per game. Getting two more of those types of games is very doable.

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