Timberwolves Summer League roster: Full updated list of players

Here's how Minnesota's Summer League roster is shaping up.
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Jaedon LeDee

Experience: Rookie

Position: Forward

At 25 years old, Jaedon LeDee is older than your typical NBA rookie. However, the former San Diego State is more than physically ready for the competitiveness of the NBA. At 6-foot-8 and 250 pounds, LeDee is an imposing player.

After four seasons coming off the bench for Ohio State, TCU, and even San Diego State, LeDee broke out as a fifth-year senior. This past season, the Aztec star averaged 21.4 points and 8.4 rebounds per game.

LeDee scored more in his final season than his previous four combined. All of a sudden, the 25-year-old forward was profiled as a go-to scoring option. After hardly attempting any three-pointers for four years, LeDeee drilled 20 of his 45 three-point attempts this past season.

Despite his advanced age, there still seems to be untapped potential in LeDee's game. He may not get a ton of run behind several talented forward prospects on the Wolves squad, but if he continues to play like he did a season ago—he may not ride the bench for long.