Has Anthony Edwards become the Timberwolves’ Mr. January?

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Ant-Man and the NBA’s Quantumania

Just how good is Anthony Edwards? That’s awfully hard to tell because he is still too young to get objective whistles from the refs in a game. Time and time again, as Edwards drives to the basket, opposing teams hack at him hard, bashing his head, shoulders, arms, and hands in an attempt to defend him. And yet, no whistles blow. Officials turn a blind eye to Edwards right now. And that is a bit frustrating.

If Ant-Man was getting the calls, his scoring would balloon because he would be shooting far more shots from the free throw line.

Anthony Edwards is still growing, still learning about his own limits and the limits and strengths of his teammates. But the limits of Edwards are impressive, even at just three NBA seasons. His 24.5 points per game are good enough to be among the NBA’s Top-20 scorers. But he has been improving that scoring pace, a rate that would place him as the 14th-ranked NBA scorer. Imagine how efficient he might be if he started to get decent calls.

Ant-Man’s stats are great, and getting better

He is one of the NBA’s Top-5 in terms of steals per game. He is even getting 6.0 rebounds and dishing out 4.5 assists per game. Is that good enough to build a team around? I think so, yes.

There is a lot of frustration right now over the Minnesota Timbewolves and the fact that this team had traded so much to acquire center Rudy Gobert from the Utah Jazz. But let’s pause a moment. The Timberwolves wanted to see if a triad of Gobert, Towns and Russell could deliver some post-season progress for the team.

But this is not the team’s only ‘shot,’ at the NBA Playoffs. Anthony Edwards is becoming a true leader of this team, and he certainly warrants being called “Mr. January,” for the way he has played these past 13 games. And paired with Jaden McDaniels, the Timberwolves have more than one run at the NBA Playoffs in their future.

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