Mr. January Anthony Edwards, first time All-Star and more

Anthony Edwards, Minnesota Timberwolves (Photo by Kyle Terada - Pool/Getty Images)
Anthony Edwards, Minnesota Timberwolves (Photo by Kyle Terada - Pool/Getty Images) /
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21-year-old Minnesota Timberwolves shooting guard Anthony Edwards is arguably coming off one of the most extraordinary stints in his career. Edwards averaged a season-high 27.2 points In January 2023, which was only last month. He also started off the month of February 2023 with his first-ever NBA All-Star selection. Ant-Man is the eighth player in Minnesota Timberwolves history to be named an NBA All-Star, joining his running mate power forward/center Karl-Anthony Towns.

It’s an incredible accomplishment for the first overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft. And if that wasn’t enough. I’m sure being picked first by the King, LeBron James, in this year’s new-look NBA All-Star draft was extra motivation.

Reserve or not, the 6-foot-4 guard made sure to make his presence known, finishing with 12 points and a few masterful dunks for Team LeBron in the NBA All-Star game.

Unfortunately, Team LeBron lost 184-175 on Sunday night’s main event. Four years into the league, Anthony Edwards is emerging as one of the NBA’s top young basketball stars. But, of course, the best ability is availability, and Edwards hasn’t missed a game this season, with 61 sound performances under his belt this season, and that has happened in 61 games played.

Sage wisdom from Ant-Man: The NBA’s ‘little guy.’

Edwards commented on load management and players resting too much this All-Star weekend in Utah.

"“Probably just all the guys sitting – resting, that’s the only thing, probably, I don’t like. Just play, man. If you’re 80%, you gotta play. I don’t like all the sitting, missing games stuff. These people might have enough money to come to one game, and that might be the game that you’re sitting out. I take pride in trying to play every game, ’cause I don’t know, there might be one fan that’s never seen me play, and I’m trying to play.” – ESPN Sports Center summary of Anthony Edwards press conference"

Edwards is stepping up on and off the basketball court.

With only 21 games remaining in the regular season, the NBA Western Conference eighth-seeded Timberwolves will need all hands on deck to make a run for the postseason, especially with all the moves made by rival teams in the Western Conference before the trade deadline.