Garnett’s sage advice to Wolves KAT and ANT: Come together

Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports /

If you appreciate the contribution of Minnesota Timberwolves legendary power forward Kevin Garnett, then you certainly must appreciate his wisdom. So when the great Kevin Garnett speaks, Minnesota Timberwolves fans drop what they are doing, and listen intensely.

When the topic came up about whose team is it going forward, Garnett was there with his answer. But he did not cheapen the question with a one-word or one-name response.  Oh no.  He delivered the type of answer that you would expect from a legendary NBA player to share. And Garnett did not disappoint

Here is his response as per Showtime Basketball’s embedded video clip.  After you view the clip, we’ll highlight some of the responses.

Okay, so what did Kevin Garnett share?

Question: What do(es) you (Kevin Garnett) think about Minnesota Timberwolves shooting guard Anthony Edwards?
Kevin Garnett: “I loved the way . . . what I saw out of Anthony Edwards. He (is) on his way, bro. He (is) on his way.”

Question: What should fans expect from Anthony Edwards this season?
Kevin Garnett: ‘He playing with that different energy, too. You know, we get into the season this year. I’m looking for him to have a big year. (That’s) Just off how he looked this summer, you know?

Question: Is he (Anthony Edwards) ready to take over?
Kevin Garnett: “You know what it is? He (Anthony Edwards) has too big of a personality to be Robin. He’s too big of a personality.”

Question: So you think it’s time for KAT to take a step back?
Kevin Garnett: “It’s time for them to come together and be that one, that one.”

Question: But should KAT take a step back?
Kevin Garnett: “It ain’t about stepping back. It’s about both of them going forward together. They both are the faces of the franchise.:”

Kevin Garnett does not mince his words. He calls it like he sees it, and he sees everything through an NBA legend’s lens. Former Minnesota Timberwolves legendary power forward Kevin Garnett is not on board the “Trade Karl-Anthony Towns,” bandwagon. He knows that the Minnesota Timberwolves need a team that is led by both Towns and Edwards if they are to have any hope of winning an NBA Championship.

And I, for one, believe him.

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