Anthony Edwards' bold Team USA claim will fire up Timberwolves fans

Edwards made a statement about his role on Team USA that is sure to garner excitement among the fanbase in Minnesota.
Anthony Edwards, LeBron James, Anthony Davis
Anthony Edwards, LeBron James, Anthony Davis / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

The free agency period is dominating the minds of many Minnesota Timberwolves fans right now. But as the roster-building action begins to cool down, the talk around the United States Olympic basketball team will begin to heat up. Anthony Edwards will be representing his country in international competition for the second straight summer.

Most are aware that the United States is tired of losing in international competition, and opted to roll out their A-team this summer. LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis and other big names are all rostered for the US.

With that being the case, some may think this is a time where the younger Anthony Edwards will take a backseat and seek to purely learn from his elder statesmen. But anyone who truly knows the character of Edwards is likely to doubt that scenario playing out. Ant was already the top dog for the US last summer at the World Cup. Based on his most recent statement, he has no intentions of leaving that role behind any time soon.

Anthony Edwards still sees himself as the top option on Team USA

When asked by a reporter how he fits in on the Olympic roster, Edwards stated that he is still the number one option. When speaking about his US teammates, Ant stated "they have to fit in around me. That's how I feel."

This is obviously a very bold statement. But it is one that fans of the Timberwolves should be excited about and far from surprised at. Edwards already led this team in high-level competition less than a year ago, and he is of course thrilled to reprise his role.

His response is also indicative of the mindset he has shown since he first arrived in Minnesota in 2020. When there is a competition, Ant is going to show you he is the greatest. He will of course still show respect for his older, more experienced teammates, but he is going to be taking the mentality of being the best player on the squad.