Timberwolves fans will be thrilled with latest Rob Dillingham development

As Dillingham gets more used to his new home, fans will be excited to hear the newest development concerning their team's star rookie.
Rob Dillingham
Rob Dillingham / Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Timberwolves are on an excellent trajectory to continue their winning ways from last season right into next season. Management made it clear from day one that they intended to keep as many core players as possible, while drafting players ready to contribute at a high level from the jump.

We have heard this repeated time and again, but we are already beginning to see it put into action. At Timberwolves practice on Wednesday, Rob Dillingham talked about his role on the team thus far. He revealed that the coaching staff has impressed upon him the importance of being himself within the offense.

When asked what that sentiment meant to him, Rob's words spoke volumes. "It helped me, because I didn't know what to expect my first few days practicing," said Dillingham. "But when [one of the coaches] actually sat and talked with me and told me that he wants me to be me while doing everything, it just gives me more confidence to play freely."

The Timberwolves are already putting their trust in Dillingham

This is a massive indicator of trust between Rob and his coaches that has been established early. The Timberwolves' coaches are clearly aware of and respecting of his abilities with the basketball, and they know that empowering Rob to be himself and to do what he feels most comfortable doing will lead to early success.

Rob echoed this sentiment. "When you don't have confidence, you can't really play your game," he said. "You'll be nervous, and not playing your game leads to you not making the right passes, and the same things you always do. So him saying that just helped me have more confidence to actually grow into myself."

These are big words from someone who many fans are expecting to be a key contributor in Minnesota from the start of the 2024-25 season. The fact that Dillingham already feels comfortable and has been empowered to play his game the way he knows how should bring a huge smile to the faces of Wolves fans.